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    Natalia Milanesi (also credited as Natalia Rodrigues Milanesi or Milanezi), has been immersed in the world of music since her early years, driven by an unwavering passion that led her to explore diverse instruments and ultimately pursue studies in composition, arranging, music production and sound engineering.


    Her academic achievements reflect her unwavering dedication, including a Master's Degree with Merit in Professional Media Composition from the University of Chichester, a High Advanced Diploma with Distinction in Music Production and Sound Engineering from Abbey Road Institute London, and a Diploma with Distinction in Music Production from the Institute of Arts and Communication Techniques (IATEC) - Rio.


    Natalia's professional trajectory is punctuated by various accomplishments, including a Grammy Award-winning career that has seen her assume diverse roles within the music industry.


    She worked as the Studio Services Coordinator at Abbey Road's Angel Recording Studios, orchestrating the operational and technical facets of sessions while also contributing as an assistant engineer. During this time, she has worked with a varied array of clients, including artist such as Sam Smith, Paolo Nutini, Lewis Capaldi, Nile Rodgers, and a myriad of esteemed entities like BBC, Disney, ITV, and Netflix.


    Her tenure at Abbey Road Institute as a Senior Audio Technician saw her providing operational and technical support to state-of-the-art studio facilities and supporting the learning journey of aspiring creatives while also assisting renowned producers and engineers like Haydn Bendall, John Dunkerley, Bernard Butler, and Silvia Massey in the delivery of masterclasses.


    Prior to this, Natalia worked as Audio Engineer and Production Assistant to Martin 'Youth' Glover (Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Kate Bush, and The Verve). Simultaneously overseeing operations at Painted Word Records as interim Label Manager.


    Natalia's freelance career is equally extensive, collaborating with a diverse array of artists and bands such as Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke), Martin "Youth" Glover, Steve Diggle (Buzzcocks), Zoe Devlin (Alabama 3 and X Factor), Kandle Osbourne, Kiscsillag, Kiranpal Singh (maestro in Indian music), Connor Selby, Pierdavid Carone, Penny Foster, Arthur Navarro, to name but a few. Her expertise extends to composition and arrangement, with notable contributions to projects like the BBC Three TV Series 'Boarders' and various independent film ventures.


    With over a decade of experience, Natalia has worked across renowned studios worldwide, including RAK Studios, Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road Institute, Tileyard Studios, Space Mountain Studios, and Meridian Studio, utilising consoles such as Neve VR, Neve 88RS, API 2488, SSL AWS 948, SSL Duality, and TL Audio VTC.


    In addition to her professional endeavours, Natalia shares her knowledge and expertise as a Music and Sound Production Technician at the University of Westminster, where she mentors aspiring talents, emphasising the importance of music education in nurturing the next generation of artists and creatives.


    Natalia's dedication to sound and music as transformative forces in arts and culture is evident in her holistic approach to each project, ensuring the artist's vision is authentically realised and resonates with audiences on a profound level. Through collaboration and innovation, Natalia continues to make invaluable contributions to the music industry, enriching our cultural landscape one record at a time.